Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Display Parent web InfoPath form in child web InfoPath Form Web part


Yesterday i faced an issue while displaying Info Path form in the web part. My task was to show the Info Path form in the child web but actual Info Path library was on the parent web. The problem was when i tried to edit the Info Path web part, i could not see the list of Info Path library (from parent web) because it was showing only current site Info Path libraries.


I added new page in Page/Site Pages library of parent website. I added Info Path web part in the page and copied the Page from parent web to child web. Every thing worked fine in the child web Info Path web part page.

Copy Page to Child Site

1- Go into site action menu and choose Manage Content and Structure.

2- Select the page and select Copy page, this will navigate you to the dialog where you can select where to paste it.

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